Board of Trustees

St. Sava Academy is non-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees which establishes Academy policies. The Board consists of individuals with varying and diverse backgrounds which bring a unique balance of experience that supports the Academy in planning and executing its mission and goals. The Board meets at least once a month on the Cathedral/Academy premises, oversees finances, determines long-term planning, strategic development and other policies and practices for the on-going development efforts of the Academy. Our Board values parent input and involvement and welcomes any parent who wishes to address any concerns directly with us.

Our Board can also be reached by email at

Rector Fr. Dr. Darko Spasojević
President Dr. Marija Vučković
Vice-President Milica Popović
Secretary Ilija Šiširica
Fundraising Committee Chair Aleksandra Mulina
Members Connie Kosovka Gajić
John Gypalo
Samantha Lazich