In addition to the students of St. Sava Academy, the parents, as in any school, are one of the critical foundations of this school community.  Without parents sending their children to St. Sava Academy there would be no St. Sava Academy.  Without having devoted Academy parents who sacrifice time to commute to a school that is much farther than their local school and who offer their time, talent and treasure to St. Sava Academy, we would be unable to continue the mission of this school.  Parents of the Academy are constantly involved though various volunteer and fundraising activities through the school year.

Most of these activities are coordinated through the Parent Network of the school which has four officers: president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary.  The Parent Network is a crucial component of our Academy community. Their goal is to promote and support the mission of St. Sava Academy and encourage parent participation.

The goals of the Parent Network are:

  • Support mission of St. Sava Academy
  • Foster a sense of community and assist in maintaining an open communication line between parents, teachers and principal
  • Create new and manage existing fundraising activities and fellowship activities and events in support of St. Sava Academy
  • Encourage parental participation in the Academy

The Parent Network values all its members and welcomes all volunteers. The volunteer program has been designed to meet a variety of Academy needs through utilizing the broad range of interests and talents of all parents. Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to, assisting and coordinating various Academy events and activities. The Parent Network meets monthly. For more information on Parent Network activities, or to volunteer, please contact an officer at May God grant our parents many years!