Who is St. Sava?

St. Sava of Serbia

sveti savaSt. Sava was a Serbian prince and Orthodox monk, the first Archbishop of the autocephalous Serbian Orthodox Church, the founder of Serbian law and literature and a diplomat.

St. Sava was born Rastko Nemanjic, the youngest son of Serbian Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja.  Rastko became a monk in his youth, receiving the monastic name Sava.  St. Sava founded the monasteries of Hilandar on Mount Athos (Greece) and Zica (Serbia). In 1219 he was recognized as the first Archbishop of Serbs, by the Patriarch of Constantinople, and in the same year he authored the oldest known constitution of Serbia, Zakonopravilo, thus securing full independence, both religious and political. St. Sava heavily influenced Serbian medieval literature.  St. Sava is widely considered as one of the most important figures of Serbian history, and is canonized and venerated by the Serbian Orthodox Church, as its founder, on January 27.  St. Sava is the patron saint of Serbian schools and schoolchildren.  Our parochial school is, therefore, named after our Holy St. Sava!  “Holy St. Sava, bearer of Jesus, show us the way!”