St. Sava Academy’s curriculum is aligned with the standards and guidelines of the Illinois State Board of Education. The Academy is also transitioning towards the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Likewise, the Serbian and Russian language portion of the Academy’s curriculum is developed from the educational standards and guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education for the Republics of Serbia and Russia. All textbooks, workbooks and other instructional material originate from major publishers in the United States, Serbia and Russia.

Dual-Language Curriculum

St. Sava Academy is known for its unique dual-language where students are taught literacy and content in two languages. The Academy offers two dual-language track programs: Serbian/English and Russian/English. Students experience instruction in both languages with more exposure to either Serbian or Russian in the early childhood (preschool & kindergarten) and primary years (1st & 2nd grade).

Early Childhood

1st Grade
2nd Grade

Intermediate Grades

3rd Grade    4th Grade      5th Grade     6th Grade

Religious Education

Students are exposed to the Orthodox Faith beginning in preschool through recitation of daily prayers and attendance of Divine Liturgies on larger feast days.  Students partake in the Sacraments of Holy Confession and Communion at Divine Liturgies.  The clergy of Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral are actively involved in the spiritual life of the Academy through weekly religion classes, mentoring and fellowship activities with the students.

Music Education

The Music Curriculum at St. Sava Academy is based on the United States National Standards for Music Education and the Elementary Music Curriculum issued by the Department of Education for the Republic of Serbia.  Basic concepts of music are taught in a sequential manner.  Each concept is reviewed, applied and expanded upon in subsequent years after it is first introduced.  Through the St. Sava Academy music program, we strive to contribute to the musical growth of all our students by nurturing their musical interests and abilities, broadening their musical horizons and enriching their knowledge about music.

Computer Science Education

St. Sava Academy students will develop basic computer technology skills, knowledge, and competencies that will enhance their learning opportunities in all areas of the classroom curriculum.  Computers are used as tools to enhance a student’s learning process and are integrated into all areas of the curriculum. Students are expected to develop basic competencies with computers to be successful in the 21st century global world.  Kindergarten-8th grade students have a weekly 40 minute computer class.  The Academy is equipped with a computer lab with a sufficient amount of computers for each student.  The computer lab was recently dedicated in memory of a former St. Sava Academy student, +Luka Bala, who tragically lost his life.  The +Luka Bala Memorial Technology Center was dedicated on the Feast Day of St. Sava of Serbia, January 27, 2014.  ВЈЕЧНАЈА ПАМЈАТ! MEMORY ETERNAL!

Physical Education

Physical Education at St. Sava Academy emphasizes enjoyable participation through physical activity.  Students will develop the knowledge, attitudes, motor skills, behavioral skills and confidence needed to adopt and maintain physically active lifestyles.  One of the main goals is to encourage students to develop positive attitudes about themselves and about physical activity so that they choose to develop life-long habits of physical activity.  Another goal is to assist children to develop the movement competence which enables them to successfully participate in physical activity.

Extra-Curricular Activities

St. Sava Academy offers a variety of extra-curricular activities:

  • Chess Club
  • “Let’s Build It” Engineering Club
  • “Let’s Code It” Computer Programming
  • Soccer Clinics

For more information on extra-curricular activities at St. Sava Academy, please contact the school office at 773-714-0299 or