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3rd Grade Interviews at St. Sava Academy

By Gabriel Redzic

I have asked all the third graders in St. Sava how they feel about Covid-19. When I asked how they felt about social distancing and mask wearing, I got a few different responses. For example, I asked Luka, and he responded with, ” The masks and the social distancing are important because they keep you healthy and keep the virus away. Another student, Alexander, responded that mask wearing and social distancing were over complicating and over exaggerating the problem at hand. Andrei said “we need to wear masks but the social distance is too much.”

I also asked if one person in a class is sick, should that person, the whole class or the entire school go home? I got some very interesting answers. Pavle responded that only that person should go home and quarantine. A few of his classmates disagreed. His classmate, Nikola said that the whole school should go home and quarantine for the required 14 days. Interestingly, Mila had a very unusual response,” If they are best friends, and if they spend a lot of time together, that group of friends should go home.”

Finally, I asked if we should stay remote or go back and forth between remote and school. Lena, one of the 3rd graders responded with” we should just stay remote.” An opposing response came from fellow classmate, Nevana. She said that "we should stay hybrid and have as much time in our classes and with our friends as possible." I found it very enjoyable to talk to the 3rd graders this year. Thanks for listening!

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