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By Protinica Michelle Jannakos

The fourth and fifth grade classes of St. Sava Academy have been conducting interviews and compiling them into short articles. We want to share them so that more people can get to know our School Community better. This is the first article in this series. But for today, we are turning the tables and I go to do the interviewing!

St. Sava Academy has been conducting classes 100% in person and full time since the end of August. It was great to be at school after almost six months apart.

In the past few weeks, as a precaution because of possible COVID exposure, some of our classes have been quarantined and had to go back to remote learning. Today, many of them returned and we are SO happy to have them here again!

Of course, my first question was about being quarantined and how they felt about it. Some words that were repeated often were, “frustrating” and “hard.” Luka specifically “did not like staring at the computer all day!” Sofija had problems with internet glitches and power outages and found it hard when everyone was “talking at the same time” during class meetings. Maksim was distracted when other classmates “sounded like they were underwater or like robots” when audio didn’t work properly.

Turning to more positive topics, all of them were very happy to be back in school. Strahinja commented that it “is much easier to learn” in a classroom. Of course, he also mentioned that “seeing friends and talking at lunch” is better than being without them at home.

With some prompting, they did admit that sleeping a little longer and not having to drive back and forth to school were some good parts of being quarantined! We are glad that our students can find positive things even in very difficult situations!

I want to thank these students for sharing and thank you for reading!

Look for more interviews and articles coming soon!

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