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First Week of School! Beginning Wednesday August 26!

We are so excited to have you back! Teachers and staff have been working SO hard getting things ready and can hardly wait to see you SOON!

Tuesday August 25 - Optional Supply Drop Off Day –

To avoid crowding on the first day of school, you can choose to drop off supplies early and say hello to your teachers. We will use the same procedures that we did for our end of the year “Parade.” Just pull into the parking lot and drive around to your grade level.

If you cannot come Tuesday, just bring everything on Wednesday.

Supply “Parade” Time:

Tuesday August 25 10 am – 11 am

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 26 Arrival Procedures


Because of health screenings, parents will not be able to enter the building with their children. We know that separation is sometimes hard, but often children do better when parents do not linger. If a child is upset for a long period of time, the teachers WILL call you.

These new procedures will take time to get used to. Change is hard for everyone. Please be patient and kind knowing that all of these changes are taking place to keep all of us as safe as possible!

All doors will be locked. ONLY the door near the small hall will be opened at 8 am. PRESCHOOL parents see below. Please do not come before this time. And remember to socially distance while in line. Staff will be outside to help during the first days.

1. PRESCHOOL students will enter by the stairs for what used to be the janitor’s apartment (across from the Cathedral) to their new classroom area. NOT the steps by the cathedral office. Health screening will take place. When cleared, students will enter and parents will leave.

2. All other students will enter through the doors nearest the small hall. Screening will take place in the vestibule, students will enter and parents will exit out of the other doors there.



Lunch – There will be 2 sessions for lunch to keep numbers down, with table cleaning in between. Recess will also be separated into sections. A menu will be sent shortly.

Dismissal- If anyone other than a parent is picking up a child, they MUST be listed as emergency contacts and the school office MUST be notified as early as possible in the day.

PRESCHOOL- At 3:10, students will be dismissed when their parent arrives by the same door as arrival (old janitor’s apartment) across from the Cathedral.

PREK – At 3:10, students will be dismissed as their parent arrives by the small hall door.

KINDERGARTEN classes will dismiss through the doors nearest the church office at 3:15

All students in the mobile unit will be dismissed FROM THEIR CLASSROOM DOORS at 3:15

Please do not knock on the doors. Teachers will be looking for you.

At the moment, there will be no after school care unless special arrangements are made through the school office.

I know that this is a LOT of information to take in. Please let me know if you have questions.

Thank you in advance for your patience, support and cooperation!

Protinica Michelle

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