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Interviews - Continued!

by Ksenia Radovanovic

Today I will be interviewing our St. Sava Academy Principal, Protinica Michelle. So here was my first question: “Does wearing a mask affect your work?” Her answer was, “It makes me feel more tired.” I would also agree, because the masks are so close to your mouth. Then I asked, “When did you start being a principal?” She answered, “I started three years ago at this school. I used to teach Pre-K through second grade music.” Then I asked what she wanted to be when she was a child. Protinica replied, “When I was really little, I only wanted to be a mom. When I was older, I wanted to be a chemical engineer, but that didn’t happen.”

I said, “That sounds great. Now, as a principal, do you ever get a break?” Protinica replied, “It depends. Sometimes I joke with my husband that I can’t get any work done at work!” HaHaHa! THAT is funny! There it is folks! See you soon!

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