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Our Third Grade Teacher

By Luka Z. (Luka was in Ms. Jaime’s classroom last year)

Ms. Jaime is a third-grade teacher at St. Sava Academy. I asked her what her favorite subject was to teach. She said that “last year, my favorite subject to teach you was science. But this year, the students are different so I enjoy math.” I asked, “What is your favorite lunch?” She said “Gibanica is my favorite lunch. The mix of cheese and filo dough is delicious!” I asked about having to wear masks at school this year. She replied, “I don’t like it, but I think we can work around them.” “I’m getting used to them, but sometimes, you don’t know who is talking and it’s hard to understand what someone is saying.” I really enjoyed having Ms. Jaime as my third-grade teacher!

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